GTA 5 crossplay questions

Although the game Grand Theft Auto V was released in far 2013, it is still very popular among gamers. Sales have not fallen for years, and the fan base is steadily growing. In 2014, by Sony’s representative at the E3 gaming show, GTA V was announced for the next generation of PCs and consoles. Since the project was released on almost all platforms, many people had a question about GTA 5 crossplay. Really, is it possible to play GTA 5 online with a friend on PC and PS4? Let’s figure it out and find out the answer.

GTA 5 vs. GTA Online

First of all, it is necessary to tell the difference between offline and online versions. GTA Online is a multiplayer GTA 5 game created by Rockstar Games and brought to an almost stand-alone game. In the online version, the developers bring to multiplayer everything that was previously possible in single-player mode only. Now you can do whatever you want.

This is a huge, living, developing world inhabited by different characters. It is filled with a variety of mechanics designed for multiplayer play, an extensive list of challenges, and entertainment for all tastes. The plot of Grand Theft Auto Online is partially intertwined with the main GTA 5 story. However, the events in the multiplayer game take place a little earlier.

When you arrive in Los Santos, you will have tons of opportunities to make money and spend it. Have fun and get into trouble. You can act alone, making friends and acquiring enemies, or join a gang. Get together and make a nice robbing, or test yourself in classic modes, or maybe do something else. By completing tasks, you will earn money and a reputation. Funds can be spent on changing the appearance of the character, on clothes, modifying weapons and vehicles.

Once you start making big money, you can buy an apartment and invite friends to visit or buy a garage and a variety of equipment, and then take part in land, air, and water races. Or maybe you’ll just roll around. All your actions will serve to develop your career. New characters, new tasks, rewards, and almost limitless possibilities will become available to you.

Various updates and additions are periodically released for GTA Online. The main task of the updates is to eliminate the existing errors both in the mechanics of the game and in localization. You can choose which console you prefer to use for GTA 5 cross platform multiplayer and GTA Online but there are several obvious differences. Among them:

  • PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game have more extra content, high-quality graphics, built-in functionality, and regularly receive the latest updates from the developer.
  • PS3 players have the opportunity to play GTA Online for free without a PlayStation Plus subscription. The slim version of the Sony console has a limited memory, which negatively affects the installation of the updates.
  • Xbox 360 owners can partially install the game to an external USB drive and not use both discs to play.
  • The mobile version of GTA for the Android operating system from Google or an iPhone from Apple with iOS does not yet exist.

The most asked GTA 5 cross platform pc and ps4 questions

So, imagine a situation. You got the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 5 on a Playstation 4 and your friend is playing it using a computer. You have a reasonable question, is it possible to play together online? Unfortunately, there is no way to do that. Below we compiled the most often questions the fans of GTA ask regarding its cross-platform features.

  1. Is GTA cross platform PC and PS4?
  2. No. Those who play on their platform are immersed in their environment, the so-called ecosystem. Servers on PC and PS4 are different and do not have cross-platform support, i.e. PC gamers play among the same users, and console ones, respectively, among their own, there is no connection between them.
  3. Can PS4 and Xbox one play together on GTA?
  4. No, this cross platform feature is also absent. However, some inexperienced gamers may observe a gamepad icon next to another player during a game session. They think that he is using a Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but this is not true. This means that a person is playing on a PC, but using a joystick.
  5. Can you play GTA 5 online with PS3 and PS4?
  6. Unfortunately no. The game does not have crossplay, so you need to play over the network on the same devices. Either on PS3 or PS4.

The future plans of the Rockstar project

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the longest-running game in the series. Rockstar has maintained a consistent development sequence for the series since its creation. The number of funds invested in the development and promotion of the game exceeded $135 million. It became the best-selling game in the PlayStation Store in 2013, breaking the record set by The Last of Us.

At present moment this is one of the best-selling games of all time, second only to Minecraft and Tetris. Sales of the game in 2021 exceeded 120 million copies, and this huge figure will surely increase even more in the future. Such deafening popularity of the project was brought in no small measure by the Online Mode, which gamers have been asking developers for a long time.

Rockstar will continually expand and update the game. In addition, you can create your own races and battles using the built-in editor, and then share your creations with the whole world or test other people’s designs. The regular DLC adds new vehicles, weapons, clothing, hairstyles, and more to the solo and multiplayer campaign. Only for multiplayer, new gestures are added, new gameplay features (for example, the mission editor), various errors, and bugs fixed. Grand Theft Auto Online brings the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s greatest differentiator to online play – limitless freedom.

The bottom line

Whether you are seeking GTA 5 cross platform PC and Xbox one or GTA 5 cross platform PC and Xbox one 2021 features, you won’t find any. If you want to play together with your friend online you have to use the same devices, i.e. two PC or two Xbox one. The developers didn’t implement the crossplay feature until today. Perhaps someday the Rockstar will introduce such a feature, but there is no news on this matter.