Everything about GTA online nightclub

Using the foreclosure opportunity from Maze Bank you can turn an empty spot into Los Santos’ most popular nightclub in the GTA after hours update. With the support of the prominent Tony Prince, you have a lot of work to do. You need to get a sound system, select an interior design, attract famous DJs to ensure a flow of visitors. And, of course, use this all as a front for the largest network of illegal businesses. Using a mainframe set in a large basement warehouse, your technicians could accumulate the most demanded contraband from all of your businesses. You don’t need to do anything at all.

The main worth-buying feature of the new Nightclub in Grand Theft Auto online after hours is the ability to manage all your businesses from the club. Now you don’t have to carry the goods by yourself, it is enough to hire managers. After filling the warehouses, the goods are sold, and you get your profit as if you were carrying these loads by yourself. Thus, for the first time in the entire existence of this multiplayer game, a passive earning mechanic that does not require much effort from you has been added.

The most pleasant bonus is that it is possible to be simultaneously engaged in your usual business, like transporting goods, selling weapons or cocaine, and so on. The only condition for receiving such passive income is that you have any of the businesses before buying the club. In general, the Nightclub is not a mandatory purchase but if you already have any kind of commercial enterprise then it will be a pleasant addition to your criminal empire. GTA V nightclubs are great places where you can relax and get additional income.

GTA online nightclub management

You will have to complete tasks to supply your nightery with everything you need from bartenders to security guards, equipment, and DJs. After that, you need to be engaged in the quality promotion to make the venue brings more income. And at the same time, you can combine business with nice time spending. You get a chance to bring yourself some pleasure by trying new dance moves on the dancing floor, drinking champagne in the VIP zone, boss the bar treating your buddies. And meet celebrities sometimes visiting the most popular GTA nightclub.

Through the efforts of a rogue middleman in the service of Tony, the famous deep house titan Solomun has agreed to spin in your club. And soon other world-renowned DJs will also visit Los Santos, looking for the public for their significant mixture of modern house and techno. That’s your chance!

GTA online nightclub warehouse features

The nightclub warehouse takes your business to the next level. With the help of your workers, you can manage all your businesses and properties, from a hangar to a methamphetamine laboratory. If you want to develop your criminal empire, you can take advantage of sometimes appearing discounts on a number of properties. Your technicians will accumulate goods on their own while you relax in the VIP zone of your GTA V nightclub and enjoy the cool music.

To sell the accumulated goods, you will need a means of transport. You can carry the loading in small batches, or bulk by gathering products from different manufacturers at once. Large trades allow you to get additional profits, although they involve a lot of risks. But whichever approach you choose, you will have no problem finding the right vehicles. Along with the warehouse garage, you will receive a custom-made Vapid Speedo that your handyman can gear with armor plates and a machine gun turret. The Custom Maibatsu Mule and Custom MTL Pounder are larger vehicles that can also be equipped with armor and weapons to help protect your character and goods.

GTA online nightclub guide

  1. How to buy a nightclub?
  2. You can buy a venue on the in-game website foreclosures.maze-bank.com. To do this, use the character’s computer or smartphone, and then follow the link on the main page or type the address into the search bar. Click on the “Nightclubs” button in the upper right corner to filter offers by property type. In total, you can choose from 10 options with different locations and prices.
  3. Does the nightclub have any customize options?
  4. Yes, the nightclub in Grand Theft Auto After Hours has six customizable options. They can be selected when purchasing the property, right on the site. If you wish, you can ignore the customization. This way you will save money getting the standard option. The list of nightclub upgrades include:
  • name;
  • warehouse;
  • style;
  • dry ice;
  • lighting;
  1. How to boost GTA online nightclub popularity?

Try to advertise your after-hours club. To do this, go to the club management menu using an office computer. Then go to the Club management tab and click on the Advertise club button. The advertising process is established as a not complicated task where you need to drive through several places and put up posters with advertising of the club within the allotted time limit.

Don’t forget to invite celebrities to spin at your club. The developers invited real DJs to play themselves in the game. One of them is Solomun.  You will hire him during one of the initial tasks. After he will give regular performances in your club. Other DJs will gradually appear in the game, so be sure to check the schedule and invite them to play.

  1. What else can be done at the After Hours DLC club?
  2. You can visit the VIP zone and taste Macbeth whiskey. The drink is so powerful that your character will be cut out after the first shot. You can wake up in a completely different randomly selected place. Generally, you can have a lot of fun with this whiskey, and if you’re lucky, you will receive a unique blue Kifflom T-shirt. To do this, the hero needs to wake up on the roof of the local branch of the Epsilon cult. If you don’t want to drink, then you can try your luck on the dance floor in a dance mini-game. If you’ve tried dancing in The Ballad of Gay Tony, then there shouldn’t be any problems. There are hints in the game about what buttons you need to press.