The best things to buy in GTA 5 online

GTA Online is actively developing and has already covered almost everyone around. There is always something to do here, whether you are playing with friends or playing alone to make some money. As a result, a huge number of players have been here for more than 7 years. With the game release on next-gen consoles, this number is likely to continue increasing as new players are attracted and seeking the best things to buy in GTA 5 online. With that said, here is some information related to various items you can buy from your GTA Online account and how to use them in the in-game world.

Commonly asked questions about GTA 5 shopping

  1. What to buy in GTA 5 online?
  2. The game offers a huge number of things that you can buy. Some of them like weapons and cars can be a must-have for your preferred robbing activities, some can bring profit and others can even be lossmaking.
  3. What should I buy in GTA online?
  4. You can buy everything you desire as you have to spend money to make money. Among others, property purchase has become an important part of the character’s criminal career. Moreover, as the players know, houses, apartments, and garages can not only be bought but also sold.
  5. Is there any things I should avoid buying?
  6. Some items like a yacht, Lazer fighter, golden Luxor Deluxe, and Swift Deluxe are incredibly expensive but won’t bring you any meaningful profit. So, think hard before spending your hard-earned money on these things.

A few examples of both useful and useless GTA 5 items are described below.

Armored Karin Kuruma (GTA online price $ 525,000)

This is one of the GTA 5 best things to buy if you are planning to commit a heist in GTA Online (especially if you are going to be seriously engaged in heists or complete related tasks). Four-seater bulletproof Kuruma will protect you from almost any shots allowing you to engage with stronger opponents and quickly escape at the end.

An exceptionally good purchase compared to any sports car or even deadlier car found at Warstock Cache & Carry. Kuruma lets you complete tasks that will help you get your money back in no time. This is the very car that will be appropriate in almost any game situation. Moreover, if you upgrade it into Los Santos Customs, its already impressive characteristics will become even better (even the tires can be made bulletproof reaching additional protection).

However, it is worth noting that even being one of GTA online must haves this car will still explode receiving a direct missile hit or gets too close to the explosion site. Therefore, while it is practically invulnerable against non-playable characters who usually do not carry rockets or C4 charges, in the case of PvP, other players can still get rid of you quickly enough.

Helicopter Buzzard Attack Chopper (GTA 5 purchase price $ 1,750,000)

The helicopter model has an extremely useful stealth mode, which allows you to be invisible on the map. And serious guys like the Hunter or Savage have truly impressive firepower. However, Buzzard has many ways to protect you with machine guns and missiles. It’s nimble and small enough to land almost anywhere, and it’s the best way to fly around San Andreas Island.

Considering that this GTA 5 stuff costs almost $ 2 million, this is an expensive purchase for the average player, but it can bring you so much benefit that you will wonder how you could ever do without it. It can transport a team of four, that is a perfectly complete fighting group to carry out contact assignments or prepare for a robbery. Its onboard armament allows it to defeat almost any NPC you may encounter, and its speed and size are ideal to quickly get from Paleto Bay to La Mesa.

Large cargo warehouse

Among other cool things to buy in GTA 5 cargo warehouses are one of the most profitable ways to make money in the game, as owning multiple warehouses allows you to bypass the reloading included in the purchasing missions. A larger warehouse offers more storage space, however, in reality, the extra space you get is nearly impossible to fill. There are three sizes of cargo warehouses to choose from:

Seemingly the maximal area for accumulating a large number of goods and the ability to save money for large lots for sale is the optimal business model. To be more exact, this is exactly what you think.

Considering that the Large Cargo Warehouse is just huge, you will need several hours of game time to fill it, not to mention the reload time. Moreover, the smuggled goods you hold increases the likelihood of NPC raids, which means you will have to interrupt frequently to keep an eye on your endangered supplies. In general, buying a large warehouse may seem like a good idea, but a small or medium warehouse is more than enough and much easier to manage, especially if you are a sole proprietor.

Military Fighter Jet P-996 Lazer (GTA price $6,500,000)

A huge number of things to buy in GTA 5 includes vehicles, accessories, businesses, and real estate available. Therefore, having no additional information it is impossible to figure out items you unquestionably need to buy, and the ones that are just a waste of your illegally earned bucks. Warstock Cache & Carry offers a lot but Lazer Fighter Jet is not worth the price asked. It costs a whopping $ 6, 5 million dollars being one of the most expensive in-game items you can buy.

And it is also one of the most useless for the game, in general. Of course, you will become the proud owner of the Top Gun plane. However, this is a jet plane. This means that you will for sure have a headache trying to find a place to land. It is fast but not agile. And for just a small percentage of its price, you can install the same weaponry on the Savage. Another good reason not to buy it is that if you want to, you can get it for free by hijacking it from Fort Zancudo.

However, in this case, you will not be able to put it in the hangar and leave it as your personal transport. Buying one of Fort Zancudo’s hangars is a much better investment. It will allow you to access the base and piece one of the fighters off without being on the wanted list.